Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An outing to Panjim

When I went to Panjim, I first went to the Science Centre. After that, I went near the Miramar side of the beach. There are these guys who sell Arabic food. Then I ate Arabic food.

After that I went for my friend's birthday party. Her name is Shivika. And after Shivika's party, I went to Cafe Prakash, where we usually go.

We went to Varsha Book Stall and bought some magazines. Then we went back to Shivika's party and left the magazines there. After that, we went to Anandasharam.

Anandasharam is a restaurant where you get a 'fish-curry rice' plate. Now you get Chinese too. After that, I went and had an ice-cream. I chose the coffee flavour, and then I came back home.

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