Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Making sweets

Today we're going to learn how to make 'neuros' and 'modaks'.

To make 'neuros' and 'modaks', you first need to grate a coconut. Some wheat-flour (maida). And two bowls of sugar. Plus two coconuts.

Then, you need to take small pieces of maida, and make a round-circle out of it, and flatten it.

Then, you need to take a rolling-pin and make it flat, and big.

Then place your sugar and coconut in it. And bring it together, and make sure that none of it falls out.

Then, take the cutter and make a small curley design at the end of the 'neuri'. Place it in the cooking oil, and wait for one minute, and then it's ready.

But 'modaks', you need the same things.

First take the maida, and put the coconut and the sugar in. Make it into a round circle, with a curley tip. Then place it in the oil to fry, and your 'modak' is ready.

One aunty taught me how to make these today -- September 3, 2008.

A 'modak' and a 'neuri' is made for the festival of Ganesh. The festival of Ganesh is when Lord Ganesh is brought to people's houses, and they make an offering (puja) and offer fruits and flowers to the god, and light incense sticks (agarbatis).

It comes around this time of the year.

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workhard said...

Hey u should put up a picture of how they came out.

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