Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My visit to Madkai

My father took me to his friend's place for some work.

On the way I saw a river, and many beautiful temples.

We met a man, on the road, near the temple, and we asked him which temple was this. He told us the name (but I forgot). Then we reached my father's friend's place, and his wife was playing with me and teaching me how to cook. Her name is Bharati.

On the way, while we were going, near the petrol pump, there were these guys selling flowers. My father took a photograph of them. They were selling flowers, because today is the festival of Ganesh. When I went near all the fruit-sellers on the road, they were all selling flowers (mogras) in white and orange and red colours.

I also saw the road leading to the temple of Navadurga. Another temple was very beautiful and big.

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