Sunday, May 04, 2008

Evenings at the swimming pool

In the pool

Aren at our small pool (not Vista do Rio).

Uncle Caje, my mother, my brother, Isabel and me all go to the swimming pool in the evening. The pool's name is Vista do Rio.
We go there at 4 o'clock and finish by 6.30.
The pool is in Porvorim. A girl named Monali from the same building where Isabel lives comes to the swimming pool with her father.
We all swim together. We swim in the big pool. We throw a one-rupee coin in the water, then we dive in and find the coin. Whoever finds the coin first is the winner. Isabel and me always find the coin. A girl named Trisha also comes there.
My father says that the pool takes a lot of water from the village-sides ....
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