Saturday, February 02, 2008

Goans in Burmab

My daddy published a book. The book's name is Songs of The Survivors. It is about Burma and the lives of Goan people there. This is what was written about the book. The lady who edited the book is Yvonne Vaz-Ezdani. I like the cover of the book. My father has read to me some of the stories that were written. I know some people who have written the book. Like Uncle Peter Vaz. He's a very active man, and the father of Louis Vaz.

Frederick Noronha: Songs Of The Survivors

Songs of the Survivors is the first book to be published by Goa 1556 - a new venture by Frederick Noronha (FN). If you're thinking of getting your book into print click here
For a profile of FN click here.
Songs Of The Survivors is a collection of the memoirs of Goan survivors of Burma in the Second World War period. Cornel DaCosta in reviewing the new book writes: … there were parallels between those in Burma and those in East Africa, especially, in relation to religiosity and a measure of joviality and a fun culture largely within the community itself …
To read the review in full and for order details check out the special GVUK supplement. Click here.

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