Monday, January 15, 2007

Aren ... and the rats

Aren is my brother. Aren is three years old. Once, me and Aren were sitting upstairs and watching TV. And I saw one rat running up.

Aren was watching Tom and Jerry, and he asked me, "Can you give me a Jerry."

So I told him, "It's better to have a Tom, because we have a lot of Jerries running around, and eating food and all that. I don't know if he understood the joke.

He must have thought so, because in the movie, Jerry is colourful and he's the good guy. But in the real world, Tom is the good guy. Because the cats catch the mice. The mice just eat our food. The cats protect us.

I had two cats... many cats. Some were named Whitey, Spotty, Tigger. There were two Spotties. There was one Billy and one Spotty. Three Spotties, actually. But my cats ran away and died. I had only one dog, since I was a child. My dog's name was Banshi... and, she died. Very sad. She was vomitting first.

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