Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something a little different than usual. :)

Some where in September I went for a retreat to Pune.It was pretty fun,we had talks,and mass,and some activities but the best part was making friends( I love making friends).It was not exactly in Pune city it was at some higher point,my friend Abigale was also suppose to come but she had a lot to assignments to finish so she decided to say at home but her sister Gabriella came,we've been friends since we were like three years old but on this retreat me and gabby really got along and became great friends.But the sad part was I went for the retreat with a slight fever and a cold and since it was a hill station and was really cold there I got high fever and a pretty bad cough,but I managed and Gabriella was so helpful.It was during my Ganesh holidays.

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