Monday, August 11, 2008

My exams

My exams started on the first of August. We have eight subjects. They are: English I & II, Hindi and Konkani, History and Geography, Science and Maths.

Science is a very nice subject, I enjoy Science very much.

We have completed three lessons in this term. We have to study four more for the coming exam, soon.

My Science teacher's name is Miss Sophina. She used to teach in St Xavier's College, but now she has come to our school. She is thin and tall, and teaches very well.

I like English too, because we learn nice lessons. Our English book is also very colourful and there are nice stories.

This lesson that we are learning these days is Robinson Crusoe.

My English teacher's name is Sister Flory. She speaks English very well, and also teaches us grammar. Grammar is sometimes a l-i-t-t-l-e hard, when I have to underline the pronouns. But English and Science are my best subjects.

I also like Maths, but I find it a little hard, with the division sums. Konkani is nice; I know how to speak well, but it's hard to pick up the answers. Hindi is an easy subject and very nice. The language is very nice too. History and Geography are nice subjects. In Geography, we learnt about political divisions in Goa. In History, we learnt about Sunita in space. Sir Vijay teaches us History and Geography. He also is our class teacher.

During our exams, different children from Std VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, come to sit in our class. So that can't copy from each other. They don't let us cover our exam sheets, so that we are fair while answering our exams. Our school leaves early at 11 am, and they give us time to study, so it becomes easier for us.
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